15.06.2018 in 21:32

Update 15/06

Author Gerry Volkov! in Readitt Official

Hello ladies and gents. We are alive and kicking. First of all, as I said before I'm still working on the new template for the website. 

This gonna be "Discussions" new page after redesign

Second. We made some changes:

  1. Book type changed from "Original" to "Novel" and added "Fiction" type. So now we have 5 types:
    1. Novel
    2. Fiction
    3. Fanfiction
    4. Translation
    5. Introduction Part
  2. Books now have new Status: On-hold. If you going on a holiday or your muse temporarily left you, status: on-hold is for you. Most important part is that all stories with a status "ongoing" that weren't updated for 2+ months will be changed to status: on-hold and will be removed from "Books List" and website search page.
  3. Comment system was reworked. You won't find any visible changes, but there is a lot.

And as always if you will find any bugs feel free to report it to me or write in Bug &suggestions  topic.


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