21.04.2019 in 23:02

New Story releasing soon: The journey To Blender and back

Author Elemental One in General Chat

Welcome everybody to an book that will push myself to its limit not only in terms of writing but also making one of my long lived hobbies and making it come to life by practice. Whilst the journey unfolds so will the story their will be many elements of fantasy, thriller and so much more. The character will be through the eyes of one character known as Ifor it will be his journey though learning a 3D application known as blender, which is free and would you believe it has been around since 15 years ago first made in 1994, wow that is truly amazing right. Well let us make our wishes come true now as we start to explore the world of 3D animation software.

This story will unfold slowly as I learn more their will be more substance to the book. It will all be from my learning experience with a twist of an amazing story featuring on rivalry, tension and so much more. Cannot wait to read the book read the prologue now. Remember it may take a while for the work to be published as this is a real challenge for me as I am learning something completely new. So let us begin and let us read the new book called The journey To Blender and back


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