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Guess I'll be the fourth!

Author Shiina Ai in Self Promotion

So I've posted a new story titled "Seven Years of Hope". It's a novelization of the visual novel of the same name which would last the player seven years (ingame). Posting the novelization to create hype so that you guys talk about the game when I'm ready to sell it later.

It's a story about Selenia, a low ranking priestess of Starsilver who gets sent back in time to undo the doom of the world. She will meet many familiar faces and new faces, and one face she knew very well will disappear forever. It's a story of love lost and found, a tragedy where people die. If you make the wrong move, even your best friend can die.

Right now, the majority of the first year's events have been planned. You ask why only the first year? Because there are already over 5000 nodes in the first year alone. That's not even the entire one year, there are many still left unwritten.

Anyway, it has lesbian scenes and the protagonist is a bisexual nun.


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Gerry Volkov! 6 months ago

Bisexual nun - this is strong ) I thought all people who follow/serve god gave vow of celibacy. Anyway just joking. Will we see something more than prologue?