28.09.2018 in 16:06

Contest and Message & misc

Author M.C. Kapo in Suggestions & Bug Reports

Is there a way to enter that Beta contest fantasy thing? Or is that just for testing stuff out? 

Also, I went to your profile to message you about that contest, but I clicked on message, the side panel came up but all it had was your name and would let me send a message. 

s/n: I love contests. Is there a way to have them like, every week, or every other week, or a big monthly one? and then get prizes? like, I know a lot of writing websites that team up with authors so they can give out prizes or what not for advertising their books. Uh well, anyway, even without that, contests are great!

Oh and BADGES. Please. I love badges. 


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Gerry Volkov! 7 months ago

That contest is for test, but soon we will have couple with monetary prizes. Badges as well are on our list, but not so soon, still much work to do.