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  • Malayka commented in Guess I'll be the first! 25 days ago

    Hey hey, I'm Malayka! I don't have any stories up since I deleted mine (alexa play despacito D:) but am down to read that. Greek Mythology + Retelling of Peter Pan = wheredoisignup! :3

  • Gerry Volkov! commented in Contest and Message & misc 25 days ago

    That contest is for test, but soon we will have couple with monetary prizes. Badges as well are on our list, but not so soon, still much work to do.

  • Gerry Volkov! commented in New Chapters 25 days ago

    Not there yet, update coming next week. I'm gonna write post with update details

  • M.C. Kapo commented in Update 20/09 25 days ago

    So, im fine with posting threads and commenting and such? Which i will do often, i love finding new writing websites. and i will be sure to notice any bugs and issues

  • M.C. Kapo commented in On Golems 25 days ago

    Nice nice, i noticed this was finished but I would love to see what happens to the Golem! There were some grammar issues, but all in all, great work!

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