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  • Malayka commented in Chapter 1: Who? 3 months ago

    Short chapter when compared to other stories, but enjoyable nonetheless! So... this was alot to soak in, despite the length. Beah's something else, but I'm all for it! His introduction only seems to raise more questions. Like, why'd he change color? Where's the Jeep? Does this have something to do with the "racial conflict" in your synopsis? Tune in next time on Dragon Ba--- Kidding~. Peace! :D

  • Malayka commented in Prologue 3 months ago

    Amazing prologue! The relationship between Erert and Georguy is refreshing, given the setting is a trench (Also, poop jokes are the best jokes, don't @ me). I hope to see more of them in the future! Another thing- what the heck is going on with Rynona? ;; I can't wait to find out. Peace!

  • Malayka commented in 3 months ago

    V. Silva, No worries! I can't wait to see what you have to offer, too! :)

  • V. Silva commented in 3 months ago

    My apologies for the delayed response. I look forward to seeing in which direction you will take the new version of Crimson -- and to uploading my personal works to this platform.

  • Gerry Volkov! commented in Update 04/06 3 months ago

    Test 1

  • Gerry Volkov! commented in 3 months ago

    Thomas Loud, tell me if it will work now. Thanks

  • Gerry Volkov! commented in Inability to Update Story 3 months ago

    Fixed. Please try.

  • Thomas Loud commented in 3 months ago

    Gerry Volkov!, Thank You!

  • Gerry Volkov! commented in Inability to Update Story 3 months ago

    We rebuild authentication on the website. Maybe broke something along the way. Gonna fix it shortly

  • Malayka commented in Chris Harden 4 months ago

    Nice to meet you! ^^

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