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  • RoseZer0 commented in The Witch's Game a day ago

    Sorry for not posting a new part, been busy with university, after I get this essay done I will be posting again.

  • Mandie commented in Prologue 3 9 days ago

    This is very lovely! I want to read more of this story. The cover art looks like an anime or movie. And the summary already had me at the edge of my seat. Instead of clicking 'read' , I wanted to click 'Watch' like I was viewing Netflix recommendations.

  • Gerry Volkov! commented in Why was the site down for so long? 13 days ago

    Yeah, sorry for this. I am on vacation and SSL certificate was expired. Now should be fine.

  • Alexandra Oyelola commented in Alexandra Oyelola a month ago

    Elemental One, you are welcomed

  • RoseZer0 commented in Day 12 Part 3 a month ago

    Because of uni, i won't be posting anything until the 7th of June